My Resources

This  page  includes many resources I would reccomend as a tool for the Lord to grow you in the likeness of Him!

May you find these resources as a tool for the Lord to use in your sanctification; as he has done for me!


The Village Church (in general…this website can jump start you to many different resources…just browse around!)

The Gospel Coalition


Piper; When the Darkness Will Not Lift. I actually have not read this book, but have heard it is great if you are struggling with depression

Piper; A Sweet and Bitter Providence. I have read the beginning of this book and keep meaning to pick it back up! It is about the book of Ruth. My fave:)

Scott Thomas; Theological Clarity and Application: Equipping Leaders in Biblical Doctrine (An Acts 29 workbook to train leaders in basic biblical doctrine that follows Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology and Elliot Grudem’s Christian Beliefs.)

Serving with Eyes Wide Open:  Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultual Intelligence.  By David Livermore.  (This was required reading as I prepared for my trip to Ethiopia.  It  exposes weaknesses in our approach and practice of Short-Term Misisons and speaks on effective cross-cultural engagement.)

God’s Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis.  This is by far the most influential and practicle book I have ever read on fasting. God has used this mightily in my life.

The Power of a Praying Wife  by Stormie Omartian. This is a great book to guide you as you pray for your husband or husband to be.


Subjected In Hope  //  The Village Church  //  Guest Pastor, Dr. John Piper An amazing sermon John Piper delivered to the church I attend in Dallas when we found out our pastor had brain cancer.

How to Study the Bible  //The Village Church I actually haven’t listened to this but have heard it is very practicle if you are wanting to learn how to engage and grow in the disciple of reading the bible and hearing from the Lord.

Finding God  //  Tim Keller This sermon is great if you are walking through a valley or if you will walk through a valley…yes…you all will!

Why Wounded & Betrayed Believers are useful to God?  //  Graham Cooke  This sermon (in two mp3s) speaks about walking in suffering; the purpose and fruit produced during this time and the hope we can hold on to!

A Humble and United People  //  Matt Younger This is a great sermon that speaks to those that are single; although it can for sure speak to those in different life stages.  

On the Shore  //  Ben Stewart  This sermon literally stopped me in my tracks as I was in my early 20s figuing out out to live life in the midst of sin and shame. It was a springboard for me to understand God’s grace and call into a deeper relationship with Him.


NEXT //  A devotional guide The Village Church used as the church leaders and congregation entered into a time of prayer, calling on God to reveal to us His plans for the NEXT chapter of our history.

Waiting on God  // Andrew Murray  //  This is a great day to day devotional that talks about the practice of waiting on God and how in our creation that is how we were made to operate. It has brought so much peace to my life in many different circumstances and has grown my understanding of dependance on the Lord while creating a desire and a joy in me in regards to wait and depending on God.

Bible & Book Studies

Experiencing God: This is a great study!  It is kind of like a Beth Moore layout. It is 12 weeks and has like 5 days of study.  God used this MIGHTILY in my life. It’s so practical but spirit driven. It definatly focused on the word and God’s movement at large and how that applies to your life. 

Captivating: I have only read the book but I know there is a study that goes along with it.  I LOVED this book. It built my confidence in God and who He made me to be as a woman. It is comforting and encouraging through insecurities not only in self but lies we might believe about God. Although it does have biblical principles I am not sure that it drives home the word as intense as a typical bible study; none the less…it totally stirred me to know God more and to understand and appreciate myself as God does. The link is to the study guide, but there are several options.

My Utmost for His highest: This is a great day by day devotional more for thought, journaling and prayer. It gives a verse. If you want more bible study you can dig into the chapter that it comes from before you read the passage from Oswald. And if you want to develop prayer with that pray over the things God lays on  your heart. I think there are a lot of versions; even free ones to read online.

The Patriarchs: This is a Beth Moore Bible study.  LOVED it and you can easily do these without the video. They are rigorous and require about an hour a day, but really get you in the word and the character of God. This one really focuses on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I did it my senior year of college and it was so pivitol for me to learn God’s character in such depth before going out in the real world; especially when things were not falling into place as I would have liked.  It really developed my trust in God.

How to read the Bible for all it’s worth & How to read the Bible book by bookThese were actually two books that we used for one of my college classes.  Nerdy…I know!  BUT….they are so worth having.  Everyone needs them:)  Basically they really explain the “hermeneutics” of the bible so that you can read it in contex, focus on Jesus and God as the central character (not self) and properly apply it to today. So what I like to do with these books is to use them as a tool; if I want to go through a book of the bible; like a chapter a day I will start by reading about the chapter in the book and then go to the bible and read.  AWESOME!

Design for Discipleship: These are grat resources that Navigators published. There are different books and they progress from your life with Christ, the Holy spirit, God’s Character…something like that. This is great just foundational theology about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This would be a great tool for your mom to have if she is discipling someone. Basically it is like 30 min of homework (more or less depending on  how much you want to invest)…you read some scripture and answer a specific question.  REALLY great resource for any age!

The Book of John: This is a study of John which really personifies Christ.  Any book of the bible with this series would be great. It has the scripture printed and then really great questions that apply to the scripture you read. I did this in Switzerland with believers and non believers.  It was amazing!

Returning to Holiness: This is a great work book to go through to allow for God to reveal sin and bring you to repentance.


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  1. Theresa Marble

    Thank you for sharing. The Lord has used you and some of your resources to bless me. I am thankful for BOTH…. : )

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