Bucket List

A List of things to do before I kick the bucket!  This is a work in progress started in February 2010Blue is the date the item was added and red is the day it was completed!

General Bucket List

“Carpe Diem!”

1.  Run a half marathon (2.23.10..started training in Nov. 2009…trained for Ft. Worth Cowtown in Feb 2010 and got a stress fracture the week of…starting to train for Dallas White Rock Race in December 2010)

2.  Take a sewing class (2.23.10…on my radar since 2007)

(completetd April 28th, 2010)

3.  Take a cooking class (2.23.10…on my radar since 2007)

4.  Say “Yes” (2.23.10…on my radar since…o, you know…since I was like five years old)

5.  Adopt (2.23.10…on my radar since 2007)

6. Own a Weimeriener and name her Xandy (2.23.10…on my radar since  2005)

7. Travel to six of the continents.  Bonus if I actually get to the seventh; Antarctica! (2.23.10)

  • Africa (completed July 2010 when I went on a mission trip to Ethiopia)

  • Europe (completed September 13th, 2006 when I moved to Geneva, Switzerland!)

  • North America (completed November 29th, 1983 when I was born..ha!)
  • (August 2012)
  • South America (December 2012)
  • Austrailia

8.  Ride in a Hot Air Balloon  (2.23.10)

9.  Walk Where Jesus Walked  (2.23.10)

10.   Return to this bench at the University of Geneva with my husband:-)  This is not me, but a couple I saw…and ever since I have wanted to return!  (2.23.10…on my radar since 2006)

11.  Watch the Harlem Globetrotters  (2.23.10)

12.  Purchase a quality camera (June 2012) and take a photography course  (2.23.10)

13.  Organize ALL of my photos and journals  (2.23.10)

14.  Own my own home (2.23.10)

15.  Grow my own herb garden (Summer 2013) (2.23.10) 

16.  Have a tall enough master bed in order to use stairs to get into it! (2.23.10)

17.  Attend the Texas State Fair! (8.21.10….but have wanted to for a lot longer!) (Complete 10.16.10 w/ Jeana!)

18.  Get back to my pre-college weight. (8.28.10)

19.  Play at the Schlitterbahn…the original! (9.9.10)

20. Travel up/down the east coast (10.25.10)

21. Travel up/down the west coast (10.25.10) (Complete May 2012 w/ Mi Madre!)

22. Go to a Ginny Owens Concert…bonus if I can actually meet her:) 





One response to “Bucket List

  1. nicole

    I love reading all of these hopes on the bucket list! Too cute! I might just have to copy you on this idea sometime!

    Love you friend.

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