Well…this is a little blog that I keep to stay in touch with the lives of my friends and family.  Plus…something does happen everyday that is worth writing down.  I was born in the Texas panhandle, moved to Nebraska when I was five, call my university Alma Mater  Oklahoma Baptist (OBU All Hail Thy Name!), moved to Switzerland for a year and now I am a re-established Texan in Dallas! I have a Rock Star Awesome job at Buckner International ever since February of 2011. Before that I did a little bit of everything….student ministry….landscaping….homebuilding….office managing….executive assisting!  I most enjoy the Dallas Cowboys, my family, friends, my job and living in the “hood.” I have a heart for those that are marginalized in society, therefore, I live with them.  One of my role models is a woman known as Mama Maggie Gobran who serves the poor in Egypt.  These are her words that communicate what I couldn’t put into words. “When I touch a poor child I am touching Jesus. When I listen to a poor child I am listening to God’s heart beating for all of humanity, among them the Creator is hidden.”  Enjoy a little bit of me and my thoughts from day to day!


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  1. Cera Topolski

    Hi, I don’t know if you still check this but I couldn’t message you on Pinterest. Are you apart of a cares team?

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