!Blogs To Read!

Here is a list of great blogs to read!

As I type these people’s names on this page I am thinking to myself, “Should I seriously have this many amazing people in my life.”  I don’t know if I should or I shouldn’t…I feel like I should spread the wealth. So, if you know these people…get to know them more. If you don’t know them….stalk them via this page and glean from their words:)

Bethany Anderson  //  We met and worked together in Switzerland. She has become a dear friend and voice in my life! She can write, speak, sing and create things that usually is only communicated in the depths of one’s soul.

Brynn Anderson  //  We have the honor of working together. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met. She seeks God and is so tender to His work in and around her. Her life is defiantly worth following…you will grow along the way!

Buckner Missions  //  The work I get to be a part of!

Jennie Plumlee  //   Jennie and I met training for a 1/2 marathon. We spent many early mornings running and discussing life. She leads a beautiful, God seeking life and has a cute little family!

Katie Schleider  //  A college roommate for more or less 4 years! One of my beasties:) I wrote about our relationship here. She has become one of my closest friends that exhorts the truths of Jesus Christ over me consistently while walking in vulnerability with her life. I love love love sharing life with this woman.

Michelle McBeath  //  A dear college friend that can share in, walk with and communicate about things in my life that few will ever be able to.

David & Jen Jackett  //  Jen was one (of many) of my roommates and dear friends in Dallas. She and David started dating while we were living in the Elsby house…o the memories!!! These two pursue Christ and have strong desires to make sure His name is exalted and will share it with you along the way!

……more to come…….


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