When I was a freshman in College a girl came up to me and asked, “Marbes, what was your joy today?” It caught me off guard and at first I thought it was cheesy. But it has stuck with me! I have always been the type of person that loves to get a glimpse of the small things! I adopted this little “philosophy” to find a joy every day…a simple joy. It can’t be something big…it has to be small but gives you a huge amount of joy! I have decided to make this part of my blog.

3.11.12 Enjoying staying in a house for the weekend. Cooking kitchen in a big kitchen and then getting some great time listening to a podcast, journaling and reading!

3.5.12 Waking up early and cooking a huge breakfast!

2.5.11 a clean and orderly apartment all the way to my closet:)

2.5.12 Coming home and finding evidence that my roommate is teaching my neighbor how to read:)

2.3.12 Visiting my “family” the Pizzini’s!

1.21.12 I know…same day…but, it was joyful and it was simple! Trying a pinterest idea…and it worked. A wooden spoon keeps the water from boiling over when cooking pasta.

1.21.12 Trying a new restaurant in Dallas! With a new friend:)

1.31.12 Travel season has arrived! I get to start using my apps!

10.9.11 I met a homeless lady on the street and invited her to lunch and she came! When living in Switzerland and the Lord revealed to me a ministry of hospitality and discipleship I would have never imagined that it would have been lived out on the streets of South Dallas.

10.6.11 Having lunch in downtonw Dallas. I love the sights and sounds of a city! Reminds me of living in Geneva. It also makes me feel like there is something bigger than me working in the world.

10.4.11 Taking my neighbor kids to school this morning!

9.26.11 Celebrating my neighbor’s 40th bday party! Parties in S. Dallas are so lively! She was so celebratory! Her story is amazing!

9.24.11 Dropping off my laundry knowing it will be washed and folded for me when I arrive the next day!

9.25.11 Hearing my sweet, elementary aged, S.Dallas neighbor sing “Nothing but the blood of Jesus” in a crackly, off tune voice at church tonight!

9.08.11 Wow! A whole year since I have put in a simple joy. Don’t be mistaken…there have been lots of them. Hopefully I will do a better job at recording them in the rest of 2011! BUT…my most recen one has been a laundry service I found. No, I am not high maintenance. I now live in S. Dallas and don’t have a washer and dryer. Thanks to a friend I found a service that costs basically the same price as a laundry mat. I take in my clothes seperated. They wash, dry and hang for you. It is all nicely prepared for you to pick up. I picked mine up two days ago…WOW…SIMPLE JOY to say the least!

9.12.10 putting on my old school Cowboys shirt for the first game of the season! Plus I love living in a city that has a prime NFL team!

8.14.10 Taking one of those naps where you felt like you slept for hours! I spent all morning at a service project so I came home and showered, the apartment was cool, my sheets were clean…it was divine!

8.12.10 I have been seeing a lot of lemonade stands around Dallas….today I stopped! I asked if I could take a picture and don’t worry…the $.50 cookie was placed on the little boys eye…ha!

2.27.10 My DIY Projects! It was the most beautiful day!

2.11.10 The most beautiful snow! It is the prettiest I have seen in America! (you can’t beat snow in the Alps!) I ran five miles in it this morning, took a walk in it this afternoon and now I am sitting in my living room catching up on some reading, blogging and coffee drinking watching it fall down! Lots of simple joys today!

1.30.10 The morning…breakfast with my roommates, phone call with my old roommate, an amazing fire, great worship music…a rich day(s) overall!

1.29.10 Getting off work 3.5 hours early + reconnecting with a friend over dinner and dessert.

1.26.10 Running five miles…by myself…when I planned on only four!

1.18.10 Elsby Home Group

1.10.09 Getting up early enough to take a nap from 9:30am-11! I love Sundays! I also feel super blessed to be a part of The Village Church. So rich with depth.

1.09.10 The Cowboys winning their first playoff game in 13 years!

1.08.10 Getting to spend the evening with five college friends. Two preggo and one engaged! It’s so fun to walk through all of these seasons.

1.6.09 The food I ate. I know this sounds silly…but it all was really good and healthy! For breakfast I had eggs and avacado, for lunch I had a strawberry salad and steamed veggies and for dinner I had a roast that I cooked! Yea for healthy cooking!

11.4.09 Naturally waking up at 5am! No alarm needed and four hours of a great morning before I had to role into the office! During those four hours God reminded me of his new covenant with us. Isaiah 62 and Hebrews 8!

11.3.09 My morning walk with Anne Wiman, a new friend from home group!

11.01.09 What a great way to start off November…today was full of simple joys! First, gaining an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings time. Second, getting to see Keith and Kristyn Getty in concert as well as meeting them in person and getting to talk about Switzerland things! Third, spending the evening with three of my faves in Dallas…I haven’t laughed that hard in a REALLY long time…another round of chips….anyone, anyone?

10.13.09 Shirley, our neighbor! In general there are many days she should and probably will make this list! But today she left a cantaloupe on our front porch. She left me a voice mail saying that they were 3 for a dollar at the store…and “well, I am not one to pass up a deal.” She is fantastic…more to come from her!

10.08.09 Yesterday I walked in the door and saw the newest edition to the Elsby household! We have named him Chester. Jen was a XO at UT…therefore she has a love for owls…and they seem to invade our house often:-)


7.22.2009 Being able to get really close to the most beautiful large butterfly as I was walking out of work.Simply Joyful!

7.3.2009 Meeting my new friend Joyce

5.21.2009 A sweet morning with God at Saxbys through Pandora Radio and Isaiah 40 with the most wonderful sunrise!

5.20.2009 Prayer after our morning walk with Nicole, Jen and Liz

5.19.2009 My morning walk with Jen

5.18.2009 Getting a phone call about my found wallet!

5.15.2009 Waking up before my alarm clock!

5.11.2009 In anticipation that it will be my simple joy: A prayer meeting with my church for the new Dallas Campus we have been GIVEN! This will be the first time that we have been in the sanctuary. Looking forward to it!

5.10.2009 Having a glass of white wine, sitting outside on the patio with a friend’s grandparents!

5.09.2009 A wonderful uninterrupted morning of time in the word, in prayer and reading. Thankful for the revelations Jesus gave me.

5.08.09 Pruning my roommate’s hanging basket of flowers


3 responses to “Joys

  1. Mom

    I have challenged your Dad to do this daily… I strongly believe we find what we look for. He will occasionally report to me on his joy for the day… 🙂 It is sooooo easy for me to find joys while working with the kids at school.

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