Beauty in the Desert

“During those early years in Tuskegee, God caught my attention with the beauty and power of the tabernacle as a model for my devotional life. I was alone and losing courage for the very work that inspired my move to the Deep South. I remember returning home one hot Albama night, discouraged and lonely. As I walked up to the trailer under the glistening moonlight, it hit me: I was not alone. This was more than a feeling. [This season] was becoming my tabernacle. [This season] was where I lived out and worked out my relationship with God. It was where I cried out to God for mercy and understanding; it was where I awoke after midnight in anguish of heart, mulling over the news from home – one more of my childhood friends [achieved something I wanted]. And although I had obeyed God, I felt left behind, in a maze of uncertainty. It was there I realized that the key for my life lay in the realities to which the tabernacle pointed me. I had to step into the way of the tabernacle and follow its path into the very presence of God to find what he had for me.

-Excerpt from “Beauty in the Desert- Discover Deeper Intimacy with God Through the Model of the Tabernacle” by Eddie Broussard


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