The old is always new…

Sometimes you just need new reminders of old truths.  I often find myself rummaging through the preschool fifth grade section of my church website to remind myself of the foundation of who God is. It amazes me that these truths often feel like new ideas rushing over me for the first time. Oh how we all need to be reminded of who God is. There are lies that impede the framework I think I know so well. If you read the list below I promise you will find something you don’t truly believe. I think I believe them all but my thoughts and actions prove otherwise. I am thankful He gives a wide place for my steps under me and my feet do not slip (Ps. 18:36). 

So, as you go about your day, remember in the midst of your drinking and your eating, your playing and your work, your fear and confusion, your joy and your delight, that…..

  • God made everything
  • God is in charge of everything
  • God is good
  • Jesus came to save sinners
  • God wants to talk to us
  • God is wise and knows what is best
  • God is generous and gives what is best
  • God is loving and does what is best
  • God is good and IS what is best


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3 responses to “The old is always new…

  1. Theresa Marble

    Such awesome truths…it does us ALL good to revisit them!

  2. Michelle

    Thanks Ashley! I needed this today 🙂 – Michelle

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