Know your city!

ImageEver since high school I have really loved getting involved with the local city. In high school there was a program that launched in my city called Youth Leadership Tomorrow. It was ran out of the Chamber of Commerce and one girl and one boy were chosen from high schools in our county. I was the girl chosen from my high school. The program provided community education and leadership development training through experiential learning activities that connected us (youth) to our community and inspired us to be problem solvers, decision makers, and future leaders in our community.  Well, I guess whatever they did it really has made a lasting impact.  

I love Dallas and care about the welfare of this city. I want this city to succeed and prosper. When things are going well for a city, things will go well for it’s people. One way I have recently tried to stay in the “know” about things going on in this city is by subscribing to the Dallas Morning Newspaper! I only receive copies on Sundays and Wednesdays. It’s hard for me to keep up with that…I can’t imagine getting a paper every day. It is huge!  In high school I would read the local newspaper every morning. Does that make me a nerd? 🙂  

Another thing I have done is sign up for as many email news alerts as possible. I also follow the city and it’s counterparts on Facebook. The emails started to become really overwhelming but I have decided to wake up early and spend an hour or so going through various different readings that I have received. Today was my first morning.

What I love is that it really has created some excitement in me, I feel informed and I also have practical ways to pray. I always loved the idea of having your bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  

I hope this encourages you to engage in your city; or an area of interest. Be knowledgeable and go deeper with that knowledge.

Today I learned:

  • Dallas will change all parking meters to a “pay by phone” option in the next couple of months!  (YAY)
  • In 2014 Dallas Love Field Airport will have the following additionsBrueggers Bagels; Chick-fil-A; Chili’s Too; CNN Newstand; Desigual; Fair Park Texas; Starbucks; Paciugo Gelato; Jason’s Deli; Mallasadi Men’s Boutique (ah….it just gets better!)
  • West Nile is apparently still an issue; they are taking measures to educate through PSAs, etc.
  • Dallas has an International Book Fair…Eight years and counting…who knew?
  • A Councilwoman recognized City of Dallas employees who participated in the It Gets Better video, released early this year. The video highlighted the LGBT community with the goal to inspire the community in their identity.  Mayor Rawlings was featured in the video as was City Manager K. Suhm.


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2 responses to “Know your city!

  1. i love this. and you so much. but of course you and I are the same person, so it makes sense. International Book Fair???? you MUST go!!!

  2. Thanks sister:) You inspire and lead out for me in so many ways!

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