In the cold…

The cold outside parallels with certain recessed areas of my heart- my soul.


When it is cold it is impossible to miss the warmth that passes through. It is in those chilled areas God invades. He dwells. He sings. He raises up. He is the keeper of each heart and brings about a great warmth.

Beyond the chills is the presence of God moving in and around me. In these warm crevices I praise. I rest in His presence. It is warm. I drink in deeply. Sometimes it is so cold I can’t miss the warmth that passes by- perhaps that is why God allows it to get so cold. 

This week has been one of those weeks where it is so cold I am able to recognize the warmth.

It is in these times I beg for God to speak for my soul is listening. Whisper in the dark. He is more than my salvation. Without him I am hopeless. I want to know more of who this man is that is the keeper of my heart.

Be still my heart. Be still my soul. Hold me close. Let me hear the still, small voice. Let the visions in me rise. Let the dreams grow. Stir more. Bring forth my shouts, my crys.

There are deep things in me that I can’t explain. A love that is hidden so deep inside my boarders. This love is a vision for so many things waiting to come to fruition- revivals, the poor fed, homeless to have homes, lost to be saved, the church to awaken. These hopes just waiting to be realized. Because it’s not time for the harvest in these dreams and visions I sit. I wait. Because God continuously provides I have the freedom and joy to wait and depend on him. I keep hoping and believing in faith because one day this love, these hopes will be realized and burst with great momentum. In this waiting my faith is purified.

In this waiting expectation along with God’s movement power comes over me. I feel alive. He breathes over me. He revives. I feel as if I am a daughter that sparkles in her father’s eye. Destined for divinity. My portion is full. Amazing love, I have been found- over, and over, and over again.  I am a treasured daughter. I have been made pure. I could drink of this holy love over and over and over. I want God’s power and love to storm in and be jealous bound. I want violent love over me. 

Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. Those who wait up on the Lord will not be put to shame. The Lord is good to those who wait on Him.  So I wait for the Lord to move in His perfect timing. We wait for Him to come in His fullness.


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