I am so lucky to live next door to the woman that wrote this. Her words are filled with God’s grace and a special manifestation of the Spirit. I can’t believe I get to glean from her daily.


My flesh cries out for recognition that is really not up for the taking: the disciplines that develop in the inner recesses of the Lord’s presence are not a matter of where glory can be distributed, but rather of how glory is attributed.  My flesh does not understand what my soul is realizing–I cannot bear the weight of the glory for which my flesh cries out. I was never designed to shoulder the responsibility of glory.

If I enter into God’s presence with a hope that glory will fall upon me as a result of my entering in, I am placing an expectation upon that time that cannot be fulfilled–I set myself up for disappointment…and to assume that rewards that are promised will include eventual public glorification is a distortion of that exact glory. Glory can only be whole and pure if it rests upon the intended recipient–who is Christ…

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