In the presence of Christ

A young man passed away this past weekend from cancer.  I don’t know his story much at all. I do know that he would have been considered a “least of these” in society standards. This young man had  no family. At the least, if he had a family they chose to relinquish their rights over the government. This meant his care was in the form of an institution.  At some point he would have wanted for food, wanted for love. He would have been in the midst of poverty.  Throughout his life’s journey he probably was in harms way- He was probably judged in a harsh manner and abused. His rights at some point were probably no longer his own.  His life could have probably been encompassed with one word- need.

BUT. God chose to re-write his story. Again, I do not know the ins and outs of this young man’s life but I do know that at some point his spiritual and physical needs were met.  He came into a program that created a life plan for him. Not only was there a plan but there were souls that cared for him. Hands that did not harm him.  A global family that prayed for him.  He was encouraged to become a young man with a vision for his life. He had food. He had water. The love extended to him was deep. A love that reflected that of Christ’s.  He had a home and he had a family.  He was taken out of the way from harm.

Any average person would probably still classify him as one in need but in reality he came to know the life, death and resurrection of Christ in a powerful way. His earthly needs were taken care of by a mighty Father.  And then, when he passed away this weekend, he entered into the presence of God. As I was thinking on this reality I was overwhelmed to tears. No more hurting. No more pain. No more longing. His story was re-written yet again.  He was fulfilled in every way.  I can’t help to think that his union with Jesus was ever so sweet considering the under privileged life he lived on this earth.

Will my union with Jesus be that sweet since my life is one of privilege?  I believe so. Why? Because I am in  needy as much as the next person despite my physical surroundings. Does that negate the richness of this young man’s union with Jesus? Absolutely not.

How do we move forward?  Recognize that you are indeed  needy.  Engage with organizations and programs that invest in the lives of the under privileged. Get to know your neighbors. Speak about the life, death and resurrection of Christ. For the power of the Gospel changes the souls of men!

I guess it can all be encompassed as this:  “Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.” Micah 6:8


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