Ending an eight year relationship….

….I knew this day would come. It is as devastating as I thought it would be.

During my Sophomore year of college I went with my good friend Lindsay (Curtain) Barker to the shanty old fashioned (no super store) Wal-Mart in Shawnee (Shompton), Oklahoma. While there we found a deal on a little fan. Two for ten dollars. What. A. Deal.

That is when the relationship started with my fan. It has run many hour over the past eight years. It’s brought great comfort in drowning out the noises in other rooms, from roommates, chaos outside, Shawnee cats outside your window…the list could go on.  I will say, it did have a 10 month break while I lived in Switzerland…maybe that is why it lasted so long. This little fan drowned out the noise of living with six other roommates. It put me to sleep every night and mid day nap.

In the past year I would turn it on and think to myself…when the heck will this thing die? I didn’t want it to, but I knew it would. I mean seriously…the number of hours it has run has to be crazy!  A lot of times it would run 24 hours straight.  You do the math.  Well a couple of weeks ago I would turn it on and it would take a while to gain the steam to really perform at its full capacity and then one night….one awful night….she never turned on.

I have yet to bring myself to purchase a new fan.  So for now I go to sleep with no white noise.  Not a fan. No put intended (seriously!)  But the fact that I said that just made me laugh out loud:)

It’s the little things in life people, the little things. R.I.P. little white fan. R.I.P


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