Cultivating in Agonies

“…so keep praying and cultivate patient, long-suffering faith. There will be a day when you find Him unexpectedly at the well of your deepest thirst. God is doing far more than you can see in your agonies.” -j.p.

A Facebook friend had this as their status a while ago. I hate and love how Facebook status’ can hit home. It’s cool how God can use a status…but it’s annoying because really, Facebook? ha!

I don’t know who j.p. is…but I like where his head is at.  I need to be reminded a lot lately of the truth that God sees, God hears, God moves, God knows all on my behalf in the midst of the deepest parts of my soul. These truths create a desire in me to read scripture more, to seek God in prayer often, to rest well. The anxiety leaves in these truths. Thank you Jesus.


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One response to “Cultivating in Agonies

  1. nicole

    I miss you friend. Just sayin…
    hope to see you soon.

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