My teams have arrived home!

I am just settling in from a day of airport runs, trip accounting and story telling from team leaders that traveled through Buckner in the summer program called Project Go! that I manage.  This past month I sent out college students and young adults to Peru, Honduras and Kenya! They are such a fantastic group.  It has been fun to walk with them through this process for the past five months (wow…really!?!?). They started out as names on an application. They became voices and faces throughout interviews. They transformed into beings as they walked into orientation and left American soils as fun new friends! Over the past month I have stalked them on Facebook and my heart has been so turned towards them in prayer and excitement. They have worked hard, loved well, exhausted themselves so that others may receive love, been exposed to challenging things, sought the Lord for their future, trajectories changed, ate things they would rather not ever again…..the list could go on!  I love them…I love them dearly.

As the team members returned to their home their team leaders came to a Debrief. Today we handled most of the logistics….trip accounting, review forms, blogging, pictures, etc. Tomorrow we will finish that up and my hope is to create space and guide them through several re-entry things! I can’t wait.  Session two orientation starts on Sunday….so fun! I know this upcoming group will be just as great!

You can read about some of their experiences here:

Below are the teams…Kitale Kenya first, next Peru, then Nairobi Kenya and finally Honduras.


Here is what one of the team leaders wrote upon her arrival….I am thankful to have a front row view to God’s work in their lives.

We did it……. We are home. Somehow I thought it would feel different. I thought I would be relieved to step foot in American soil or anxious to hug my family but to be honest my heart is feeling empty. Kenya was our home for a month and that is never going to go away. This place, these people left a space in all of our hearts and truly changed our lives forever.
We were chosen, we were called, and we answered. Our trip to Nairobi was more then we could have ever expected. We laughed, cried, and got to know God on a much deeper level.
He showed us an intimate side to him and also a very big side to him, and somehow it was real. Maybe for the first time ever this God who I experienced most of the time I now experience ALL the time.
This God…. He is real and we experienced him first hand. We worked side by side our father who bought us for a high price. We have a savior who loves us to die on a cross for us, and calls us beloved!
Who are we to deserve such a gift?!?

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