Watching Transformation!

I love my job for many reasons.  I won’t count the ways for you (now at least!).  But one of the reasons is because I get to see the literal transformation in the lives of individuals as it relates to their experience with missions, with other cultures, and with Jesus!  I copied in a blog post from one of the participants that just got back from Kenya! (see the team above!) I was suppose to go with this team but I couldn’t because of my schedule. They had an amazing time and literal transformation happened in and through them. Here is what one trip participant wrote….

WOW! I can’t believe our time in Kenya is gone! I am still getting used to life at home and I know my team is wishing we were back in Kenya as badly as I am!! We didn’t have internet access for the second half of our trip so there were no more updates but I wanted to do one last blog now that we are home! Even with the hectic airport encounters, golf caddies, and dirt roads, the experience we had in Kenya was beyond perfect. God was with us every single step of the way and we could feel Him there! The children at all of the orphanages and schools were “totes presh” (directly from Cody’s mouth) and their love for God beamed through their smiles. They even prayed all morning that it wouldn’t rain so that we could stay all day at the Seed of Hope. Isn’t that incredible?! Meeting the intern at Seed of Hope was super encouraging as she shared her story of becoming a Christian after coming to Kenya!! We, as a team, were so humbled with how content the people of Kenya are with the way they live. The small gifts we brought them brought so much excitement… showing us that all the “stuff” we have here is such a distraction to the way we are supposed to live- living for Christ and showing His love! It just became SO real hat Jesus is the same everywhere we go and that even though we were sad that we may never see any of the people we came in contact with again on this earth, we will spend ETERNITY with them with our Father!!! Lastly, something I’ve really been praying on this week is realization that I was SO fooled by the thought that circumstance defines happiness. I kept thinking about how little they had but then I would see the joy on their faces. Children and adults were singing, dancing, worshiping. I am seeing that my joy should have NO regard for circumstance! While Africa does need our help in many aspects, for me, I needed Kenya more than it needed me!! Check out our pictures at and hopefully soon at the Buckner Shutterfly page!!

This team was from Texas Tech….Guns Up!!!!  I mean seriously ….. who gets to do Guns Up on an African Safari???

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