Justice Conference

I’m still thinking about my time in Portland at The Justice Conference. So good!

I came across this amazing re-cap!

I thought I would include the recap of my favorite speaker! Walter Brueggemann was amazing. His taught out of Hosea and I was blown away at his exegesis of the text. The way he broke down the covenant with God and His people and the covenant people have with one another is amazing and it made me want to jump out of my seat and start dancing or something. I will give a better breakdown in another blog post. For now here is the recap from above.


WALTER BRUEGGEMANN – renowned Old Testament scholar and author of about a million books and articles, including Journey to the Common Good (my thoughts on it here). He was interviewed on stage by World Relief’s Don Golden.

– Turning the world upside down is what I sense among us.
– Hosea 2 has a lot to teach us about what justice is.
– Five words that describe fidelity and risky/costly relationship: steadfast love, righteousness, justice, mercy and compassion.
– All five should characterize our relationship with God, and we know they are how he relates to us – when they’re in place, we experience shalom, or wholeness.
– Baal is a false god representing bad religion, but also represents bad politics and bad economics.
– Steadfast love: tenacity to stick with it, no matter what.
– Righteousness: has to do with shalom of the community.
– Justice: everything necessary for good living.
– Compassion: being with others in their hardship.
– Mercy: complete self-giving.
– These five words provide a kaleidoscope of fidelity, which touches religion, economics and politics.
– Everything depends on loyalty to God and neighbors.
– Bad religion/economics/politics says loyalty to God and neighbor isn’t really necessary – the biblical prophets called that a lie.
– “Go tell John” – that everywhere Jesus goes, the world is changed and justice is done – that’s what happens when fidelity in relationship takes root.
– “Justice and righteousness” is a key slogan of the prophets.
– The coming of the Kingdom is about relationships with all kinds of economic, political and social ramifications.
– The staying power of justice requires that our guts are stirred, realizing this isn’t right, it can’t be sustained, and it must be changed.
– Television ads are designed to make us numb because numb people are compliant consumers.
– In Hosea, we see God held nothing back in relationship and we see how scandalous it is that he loves us.
– We sometimes understand righteousness as avoiding messes – but we need to be there.
– Jesus intentionally and publicly chose his natural companionship among those disinherited by the power structure – justice requires casting our lot with them.
– Walk and talk are both essential – justice walkers need justice talkers, but walking is most important.
– “Those who wait on the Lord” (Isaiah 40:31) – promises us certain things, but we can see that those who DON’T wait on the Lord can’t expect these things.
– Is there one program or party that can best serve the cause of justice? No.
– Go in the mode you can (whether through the state, private sector, nonprofit, etc.) and do the most you can for the neighborhood – injustice is rampant and we need all kinds of approaches to do justice.
– The vulnerable need to be on the screen of theologians, economists and politicians.
– Eucharist (holy communion) is the pivot point of God’s generosity to his people – God gives God’s self, along with mandate to give yourself away for the neighborhood.
– When you give yourself away you get yourself back, enhanced. It’s a miracle, but it’s the truth.


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  1. I’m glad you found my recap and that it was helpful! Brueggemann really was great, wasn’t he?

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