You think I would get it?

AH! you would think I would get it…but I don’t. I came across this blog today and it spoke so much to me.  I need constant reminders that I have obtained FULL adoption. That God is PLEASED with me.  I am so focused on my efforts; especially when I find myself, as the blogger talks about, in a similar place as Nehemiah where God’s law is revealed in my life.  I just want to make myself better and instead of using the law for what it is there for (to reveal) I want to use it as the medicine and the way to make myself better. I want  to provide righteousness for myself. I have a life of FREEDOM and REST that I have yet to experience. I am hoping that in these upcoming months the Holy Spirit will usher in an epiphany and a great soul understanding of this. Our current teachings through Galatians have really revealed and encouraged this in my life as well as our time going through Lent.

May my soul (and yours…wherever you find yourself) learn to fully rest in His love to where I won’t even dare use the energy to try to provide on my own what Christ already provided for me. Like the blogger closes out with the gospel message: we are sinful and flawed, yet loved and welcomed.



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