How to Change…

I came across an article here today. The last sentence in the paragraph caught me. I believe it…but it shocks me. I believe it….but my actions prove that I don’t. When God reveals to me things in my life that need to change…in my active, zeal, black and white personality…I want to kill sin. I want to change. I want to prove myself capable. I want to be the active one.  When in all reality, change comes in our dependence on God and our admitting weakness.  WHAT???  True. Why do I fight that? I am  helpless but I think I am strong.


“…..we all have the residue of sin, and the DNA of sin is selfishness. So if we are going to live this way, each of us needs the rescue, intervention, and enabling that only God’s grace can give. We need to hear these words: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). Be honest: you tend to believe you’re the strong one in relationships, burdened with the weakness of others. But sin leaves pockets of weakness in all of us. No one reading this article is proud of everything he said this week. No one reading is proud of everything he has done this week. No one would defend everything he has thought or desired. So change is not found in defending our righteousness but in admitting our weakness and crying out for help, which God, in grace, has promised us.”


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