Kool-Aid & Hot Sauce

Tonight Willie helped me cook (and eat!?!) hamburgers! The dinner conversation was him telling me the difference between Elijah and Elisha…fun times.



It is their spring break so a few of them came over to watch movies. There isn’t a lot more that stirs my heart more than people in my home. Right now as I type this we are all on the couch together like one big happy family! The best conversation that went down thus far is this:

Keda: Ashley, this kool-aid is good!

Ashley: I didn’t make it, Willie did.

Keda:I knew it had to do something with a black person making it.

Yes, she went there. My life is too much sometimes!:)

Willie also informed me they like “hot sauce” on their popcorn…Louisiana Hot Sauce. I substituted with Salsa.  White Person FAIL!



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  1. Theresa Marble

    Love it and YOU….

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