I Love My Job! And…I have a new one:)

On February 7th I celebrated one year of working at Buckner!  It went by so fast. I guess time flies when you are having fun. I literally fill like my time at Buckner is the culmination of everything I have done and it brings so much joy and satisfaction to my life. I am so thankful to the Lord that I get to work here. I have an amazing boss and an amazing team which is an added bonus!

During my first year I was a Missions Coordinator. Buckner International has NGOs in various different countries. Each NGO has different initiatives that meet the community needs. My role was to coordinate trips for churches and groups to visit and serve within those NGO’s and orphanages we partner with.

Well, on February 6th this year, the day before my one year anniversary I stepped into a new position! I am now the Long Term Opportunities Manager. I will interview, place , coordinate logistics, orientate and maintain care for people interested in serving at our international NGOs long term!  I couldn’t be more excited.

It’s been a little crazy lately because I am doing both jobs. But, I love it and if I could handle it I would do bothJ  Yesterday I sent an acceptance email to an applicant telling her that she is officially accepted to move to Guatemala and serve for a year.  This was her response and it made me so happy to get to do the job I do!



Thank you, I’m so EXCITED!!!

God is Amazing!


This job is going to be so rewarding and life giving!  I think I need to pinch myself.


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