Read her blog!

Please go read the blog of my friend!!!

Katie Schleider has become one of my dearest friends. She transferred to OBU in January of our Freshman year and lived across the hall from me. She was a quick fix in our group of friends (actually….she was cool way before I was cool) and we lived either in the same house or across the hall from one another for the remaining of college. She married an awesome guy right after college and made a quick move to North Dallas. When I moved to Dallas she relentlessly pursued our friendship when I was checked out of life and kept to myself. When she had her little boy Quinn she was able to stay home and that allowed for our friendship to flourish because our scheduled coincided more…and I stopped being depressed:) 

Our lives have headed in the exact opposite direction, but at the same time, in the exact same direction.  We talk most weeks, if not a couple of times a week. Recently we have added in face time! That way I get to see and talk to Quinn and even holler out to Robby. I love Robby. He is such a provider and fearlessly protects and cares for Katie and Quinn. Whenever I get to spend time with him he is quick to ask how I am and we get into some great theology talks!  

Like I said, our lives are completely different.  Here is what a typical conversation looks like:

Ashley: OMG, Katie….work is……

Katie: I know, Quinn……

Ashley: And my roommate……..

Katie: Andy my husband……

Ashley: Being single…….

Katie: Play group……

If you were just listening most would think we were speaking two different languages. Sometimes we just stop and laugh how our life is so different but we connect so well and so often. I just read her recent blog (which is why I am posting about her) and was in tears by the end. I love how are lives are so different but our hearts, motives and action in ministry is just alike. She stirs my heart for the Lord. She challenges me in my thoughts, actions, ministry and theology. She is also honest with me about life and lets me in on things that are out of my scope of experience- as do I, her. It is a joy and I am so thankful.  She and Robby are one reason I want to live in Houston one day.


ALL of that to say…read her blog. I promise you laughter, challenging thoughts and one cute little boy!


I love you and am thankful for you Katie Schleider.



(above) Typical Katie. Love. Her.

(below) This is right after we graduated at her bachelorette party!



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