An Evening Conversation

My conversations since moving to South Dallas have changed quite a bit! I need to start recording them. Some of them are literally hysterical. Sometimes my roommate and I will look at each other and wonder if this is real life.

Here is a recent one that happened this evening as my neighbor and I drove home from church together. This was a precious one.

Neighbor: When I met you I thought you were going to be stuck up.

Me: When I met you I thought you hated me.

Neighbor: quiet giggle

Me: So, am I stuck up?

Neighbor: No…giggle. You are nice.

Neighbor: Why did you think I hated you?

Me: Because you wouldn’t talk to me.

Neighbor: giggle….long pause….sometimes I think God puts people in our lives

Me: Do you think he put us in each other’s lives?

Neighbor: i don’t know, do you?

Me: yes, I think He did?

Neighbor: Why do you think he did that?

Me: So that we can learn from one another and love one another.

*****!!!!!!!!!!!!***********!!!!!!!!!!!  MY HEART WAS JUMPING OUT OF MY CHEST ******!!!!!!**********!!!!!!!!!

And then…the sweet moment was ruined by a homeless lady screaming at my car wanting to know what time it was.  ANNNNNND….that’s how it goes in SD.

I decided to sit a while in my neighbor’s apartment and talk with the parents. It was a joy and a delight.  I am really trying to empty myself and enter into the world of those around me. I am starting simple…like less hanging out in my space and more in theirs. They love it. My neighbor from church encouraged me to do that. While there, the father educated me on how to pray to God for a husband.  He told me to be careful what I ask for…I might get it:)  We then carried on and talked about roaches and rats. Ummmm……I can barely handle the roaches, let alone rats. Lord. Help. Me.



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