Things I have learned….

A few things I learned in 2011:

  • The blessing of a covenant. I am primarily learning this through my membership with The Village Church. A covenant is safe. It teaches. It covers me. It creates safety. As a single woman, I have someone in authority over me working on my behalf to present me pure and blameless before the Lord. Sometimes I want to rebel against it but it calls me back in. The best example is God’s covenant with me through Jesus. I am thankful for an earthly example like I have with my church.
  • I can’t earn God’s favor. The harder I try to obey or do my best does not gain me more acceptance. I am accepted based on Christ’s Righteousness, not mine.
  • Corporate worship is needed and life-giving.
  • I like me:)
  • The Holy Spirit is alive and active within me and around me.
  • Community is constantly changing during this season of life. It’s a must to be intentional and seek it out.
  • Circumstances are not ultimate, but they do change things and I am thankful that a lot of circumstances in my life changed for the better.
  • Love can grow inside of you really fast for little people who live next door to you.
  • God blesses in your obedience.
  • My heart is made for eternity and has longings that only eternity can fulfill.
  • I am weak and needy.
  • I really like Latin America (I didn’t think my interest would grown for that area of the world).
  • Good leadership over you is a blessing…and rare.
  • Taking a break from social media is really life-giving.
And for fun…some pics:
My crazy co workers….pranking our co-worker while she was away on a trip!
Playing Broom Baseball….at work???
Love him.
Love all of them!
Some of the most important people my path could have ever crossed with.
In Mexico!
It’s completely possible to think you are in college again when with college friends.

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