Lately I have been up to the following:

Skyping with lots of friends!!!  They may kill me for putting up these pics…sorry?  Cool thing….both of these are from my iPhone- I love technology!  The second picture is with a friend and we were actually sitting in the same living room;)

ImageRealizing that no matter how grown up, independent, handy and established I feel….changing a flat tire is a lot easier when I am not the one that does it. I worked on it for two days by myself thinking I could figure it out. The furthest I got was calling the Mazda dealership asking them how the heck I could get access to my spare tire stored under my car. They were helpful….I retrieved it….and then I walked around the corner to find my neighbors to

help me.  I wouldn’t say that I gave up….I wouldAnd Then, just say that I was resourceful.


Who would have thought you lowered the tired down like this???


Like I said, I found my neighbor…..


And while he was fixing my car I went up to my apartment and wrote him a little thank you note with some cash:)


And then later that day I found my friendly neighborhood rim shop….they do more than just supply you with classy car accessories….they will change your tire while you stay in the car!?!?!  I opted to get out of my car and watch from afar.



I had my first fondue of the season!


Lunch dates with stud muffins such as this…


House/Dog sitting and getting to stay in the master suite and relax…which was really helpful because I have been really sick. Having a house and a low key weekend was much appreciated. Plus the pay is helping me with the medical bills!


I’ve been sick since about November…had to have some biopsy’s which obviously needed stitches….Don’t worry, I had my doctor neighbor take them out…with an exact knife….we like to keep it real around here:)

I am so tired of being on steroids. They are driving me crazy. Not to mention all of the other immune boost supplements I am on.  Here is my morning route…..

I am no Marc Jacobs, but I did sew a lap top cover!

And then of course…spending time with my neighbors!  Here we are cooking!


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