28th Year & 2012 Prayers

Here is what God has lead me in scripture, prophecy, and community to pray in regards to the upcoming year.

1. Thanksgiving for all that he has done and lavished on me.

2. That I wouldn’t suppress the desires that I have, rather, that I would walk fully in acknowledgement of them with assurance that God is answering. That I would walk forward asking for favor and blessing. That I would continue to realize that I don’t have to do anything or be perfect in order for God to bless me. Likewise, that even in my falling short, God does not use me as a gauge of his gifts.  Christ is righteous, therefore, I am righteous. God does not base His gifts on me. He is a good Father that desires to give good gifts to His children.

3. That God would continue to develop, lead, and disciple me in intercession, interpretation and understanding of God’s Word, and hearing His voice. That through these things I would be used mightily to serve the body of Christ. That salvation would be known and deeper intimacy for others would come through God using me.

4. That I would kill sin.

5. That God would be please to bring about my calling as a wife by uniting my husband and I.

6. Prayer over my husband. For his protection (of his soul, mind, and purity). That God would lay on his heart the proper pursuit of me and that God would open his eyes to me in an obvious way soon(speaking through dreams and signs). Also that God would give hi a vision for our ministry together and that his leadership would continue to be developed.

7. That God would prosper the ministries I am involved in, in general. Any place that I impact the lives of people or that i have the opportunity to invest in the life of another. My desire is to be mobilized by God for great and mighty movement for the kingdom. That tons of growth for God’s kingdom would come through my life.


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  1. Justin Vodehnal

    I love it. Ashley it is so awesome to see you pursue the things God has laid on your heart. Where ever you go you are always taking ground and planting seeds. It is so awesome to see you speak the things you did about your husband. He will be a mighty man of God that will cherish you with all his heart. Keep plantin. The harvest is here.

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