Here lately this is what my morning routine has included:

1. Wake up to “Carol of The Bells’
2. Restroom
3. Kitchen to scan for Roaches
4. Sit in my living room by Christmas tree light- reading and praying.
5. Go to the kitchen. Scan for Roches. Kill Roaches that always think its a good idea to show up as I want my coffee and breakfast. This morning two were having a play date. Bad news is that there were two. Good news is that there are two less.
6. Eat my breakfast and drink my coffee while trying not to think about the roaches.

I keep telling myself that missionaries in Africa have bugs that crawl on them when they sleep. In all honesty, it has been really sanctifying to my soul in regards to being in SD and all the other things God is ridding me of right now.

So…praise God for roaches????



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