It has been a joy to walk as a broken person within the walls of The Village Church; ultimately under the good hand of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I am currently serving within the Recovery Ministry and LOVE IT. We have been charged to read a book called “Redemption; Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry” by Mike Wilkerson. We then as leaders will study chapter by chapter in our group setting with the people we lead.  I sat down to read it this morning and can tell it is going to be really powerful. 

One thing I love about the message of Jesus Christ is that it never gets old. I live so much of my life forgetting the gift of reconciliation to God through Jesus. I forget that I am perfect before God because of Jesus. I lose sight that I don’t have to conjure up ideas and use energy to make myself a better person and prove myself to others and God. That is why the story of Jesus never gets old…because I forget it all the time. Yes, I can recite the Gospel to you. I can tell you how fulfilling it is to follow Christ. BUT my actions and heart are continually fleeing away from that truth. So hearing the powerful story that I don’t have to try, that I am already perfect, that regardless of me and despite me I am loved and sought after because of Jesus is freeing.

I love God so much. He has regenerated my soul and earth feels to restraining to experience that change to the fullest.  I am thankful for resources, teachers and books that can put some flesh to the emotions and feelings I have in regards to God, His character, His work through Jesus Christ and the life I live by the power and guidance of God the Holy Spirit.

Here are some statements that I have read from Redemption this morning. Enjoy and may you be stirred!

Forward by Mark Driscoll:

– “From the sins committed against us in thought, word, deed, and motive, through commission and omission, we suffer. And we add to our suffering through our sinful responses to sin. The result, to use very biblical language, is slavery. We become enslaved to sin and it rules over us, beating us mercilessly…”

-The question is: What can we do as parents, friends, spouses, grandparents, counselors, ministry leaders, and pastors to aid those suffering from addiction, abuse, and assorted other suffering? One thing we cannot do is save. Only Jesus can save from sin and death, and so we must always remind ourselves that we serve the Savior, but we are not the savior. Another thing we cannot do is solve. Sin is too pernicious and deeply embedded in human life and human cultures to be solved in this life. Only the condition. Sin is foolish, as the Bile teaches, and it defies all logic; it is not merely a problem to be solved like mathematics. What we can do is serve. We can be, by the grace of God, the loving eyes, serving hands, and liberating mouth of Jesus Christ. We can tell the story of redemption that is, in fact, the story of the Bible. …The good news redeems from sin when accompanied by a lifestyle of humble and biblical faith and repentance. And by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can witness the powerful biblical story of redemption to transform someone’s life story into a story of Jesus’ redemption.


-Everyone sins and everyone suffers. It happens in different ways, at different levels of severity, and with varying consequences. So everyone needs to be redeemed by Jesus and grow in one’s identity in Christ.

-The story of God’s redemption is timeless and global; and one day, the redeemed from all the earth will be joined to sing of it together.


-Whatever the [your] case, you know that something has gone terribly wrong in the world. and this confronts you every day. You strain to make sense of it all; you search for answers.

– We are meaning-makers, hard wired to interpret life. As Paul Tripp says, “We do not live our lives based on the bare facts of our existence; we live our lives according to our interpretation of those facts.” It’s not our raw experiences that determine our lives but the meaning we make of them-the stories we tel and the stories we believe. Out of those stories we tend to build stories around.

-It is impossible to live life on the earth and not be stung by sin and suffering. Even more sobering is the fact that you are certainly the cause of some of that trough to others around you.

-[“Life”] sends us searching for answers, explanations, and stories to make meaning of it all. We need to know the story that makes sense of life, the story about a personal Redeemer who offers hope for real redemption. This is the story of God as told in the Bible.


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