Shoes for Orphan Souls- Mexico


One of the trips I have been coordinating at work is called “Shoes for Orphan Souls Mexico.” Our department partners with the Shoes for Orphan Souls program within Buckner International  to host a trip to various Buckner NGO sights delivering relief in the forms of Shoes. Each pair of shoes represents a child’s self esteem, a child’s health or a child’s access to an education. Diseases also spread through feet and can be deadly. We have formed partnerships  with radio stations around America to promote these trips and this trip to Mexico has people from Chicago, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Over the past six months I have gotten to know the participants through emails and phone call conversations but I am so excited to meet them face to face and share in this experience together!

We leave October 15th and return October 22nd. My anticipation continues to grow and grow for this trip!  When I started at Buckner in February 2011 God was bringing into fruition a four year stirring to serve “the least of these” that Jesus mentions in Matthew 25:31-46. I love that I can work at a place that I believe is holistic in their approach to bring redemption throughout the world. God has given Buckner an amazing platform and God fearing leadership. I love practically serving Jesus by serving others; especially those in which are not the norm of society.  I am most excited to visit the special need children at one of the orphanages. I have only been to one orphanage ever and it was in Guatemala. Although it is an institution I would say it was fairly nice compared to what I was anticipating and to other stories I have heard. We interacted with the special need kids there as well and it was such a delight.  I have heard that some of these orphanages in Mexico are overwhelmingly pain staking. Praise God He uses organizations and people like Buckner and our recruited trip participants to bring light. I am anxious to see the sights and smell the smells. I am pretty sure it will be overwhelming and sobering at times. But there is something about being in that environment that closes out the entire world around you. Something in that moment draws my heart and sends uncontrollable cry’s from my soul out to the Lord. When I think about this trip all I want to do is hold on tightly to a special needs child and give them the opportunity to feel loved, touched, honored and sought after. I can’t wait to be in their presence and pray over them- that the God that created them would lavish His love on them and save them. I can’t wait to be blessed by being in their presence.

Our Mexico Director sent me information about the orphanages we will be visiting and I wanted to highlight them here! We will visit two locations a day for the most part. During our time there we will host a vacation bible school highlighting God’s good character. During our VBS rotation we will give them their shoes by washing their feet and putting the new shoes on them.


Zaachila  Buckner Community Transformation Center (CTC)  //  We will see 200 kids between 3 to 14 years old ; most of them have parents but they live with 1.7 US dollar per day to get food, clothes and everything else.

Mefiboset CTC  //   We will be with 200 kids between 3 to 15 years old;  most of them have parents but they live with 2 USD per day to get food, clothes and everything else.

Benito Juarez Orphanage  //   They are Christians and receive other volunteer groups and resources from USA outside of Buckner. Our Mexico staff is invested in teaching them various things.

Government Orphanage  //  The children here have no relatives and Buckner continues to work at building an alliance with this orphanage.

Canica Instituation  //  They work with street kids and their relatives. Buckner continues to work at building an alliance with them as well.


Please contact me if you feel lead to pray for our trip. I would love to send you an itinerary and things you can pray over from day to day!  Also, if you are interested in partnering with Buckner International in anyway I can also help you get connected!



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