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Add this blog to the top of your reading list!

As I coordinate trips for Buckner International it is always a joy to interact with my trip participants.  Sometimes they impact my life in ways I didn’t expect.  The blog that is a must read highlights the life of one of these families.  Several months ago Douglas DiRuggiero contacted me to ask if he and his family of five could travel with our Shoes for Orphan Souls trip to Oaxaca Mexico in October of 2011. Through the course of a couple of conversations we had him and his family- Karen (wife), Ben-13, Kate-10 and Margaret-9, signed up!

Their request was part of a bigger picture though! And this is what excites me:)  They are taking a year to invest in mission endeavors!  Their jobs and school have allowed for them to pull away for a month or so and be back for a month or so for a year! During their time away they desire to pour into their kids, to get out of their comfort zone and to become the hands and feet of Christ to others!

The kids are homeschooling- they even started in the summer to allow for travel time.  Doug and Margaret have just finished a trip to Ghana. They will then go with us to Mexico and from there Argentina.  In the spring they will help in the rebuilding process to tornado victims in Alabama and Missouri. Maybe even a trip to Israel and Jordan at the end!  I secretly wish I was a part of their family this year!!!

Please be in prayer for this family. What an avenue for God to move in their lives and the lives of others. What an amazing way to pour into a family. I can’t wait to rub shoulders with them for a week!  Also, if you are interested in supporting them financially let me know!

Also….dear future husband and kids….put your seatbelts on…these ideas in my mind don’t go away:) Yours Truely, Ashley


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