**Disclaimer** I am not sure who reads my blog and who is exposed; but I do want to be sensitive to the things I write about. I also want to be sensitive in regards to the direction my life is headed at this point. When I write of stories of the things going on in my life it involves the people around me. In this season the people I am around (internationals, orphans, south dallas-ites etc) are in a different place than I have ever experienced. I don’t write to exploit in any way; or to be seen as some great hero. I simply write to express the amazing things God is doing around me and the things I am learning as well as the things I am able to be a part of.  It is the same thing as if I was living around people that are like me in every way. I would still write about the things God is doing, the things I am doing and the things I am apart of. But for most of my readers it would sound normal because they are just like me. Most of my readers are not the same as my new neighbors, my new surroundings or my new adventure so when my posts are read I fear it would exploit or sing great praises to myself.  I just want to make sure and state that is not my intention, rather the purpose of my blog continues to be about daily happenings, things I see, things I am learning, how God is working in and around me.  Thanks for listening and reading!***


Yesterday my boss was gracious enough to allow me to bring my neighbor kids to work with me! It was really awesome that they were interested and really awesome to expose them to work that may look different than what they see daily. My prayer is that God continues to allow times like this to grow in relationship with them to invest in them spiritually and practically.

I started off the day by taking a “first day of work picture!” They were so excited they didn’t lead on that they thought it was cheesy! (Sorry about the fog look on these pics…my lens is scratched)


On the way to the office we had really great discussions of what they want to be when they grow up. Gwiesha wants to be a receptionist because she likes to talk a lotJ Her words…not mine! Kita wants to go into the ROTC and join the army and then come back and go to college. Darrell wants to be a mechanic (I have noticed he is so helpful around the house and is really eager to help me in hooking up the tv or internet! ). He also said that he wants to retire and claim disability so he can take in a pay check. That was a really awesome moment because I explained what it looked like to have a job that provides retirement as well as savings so that you don’t have to do things like that. Jazz didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up (but get excited about what she did say below!) And then Willy said he wants to be a basketball or football player so he can make a lot of money. This stood out to me because I had a conversation the other day about education reform. One thing the person said that I thought was so wise was that for education reform to be successful it is going to take a paradigm shift in values, success and the pursuit of one’s success. He said that right now we don’t need education to be rich. If you can aspire to be a rock star, professional athlete or sale drugs why would you go to school and learn when the end goal is to get a job to make money. You can achieve that outside of education. I want to start praying for that kind of education reform and paradigm shift.


We also talked about what my  job is. We talked about what an orphan is and how there are poor people in other countries.  I loved as we pulled up to my office, which is a campus where the original orphanage started, and the kids said “Wow! I want to live in that mansion.” They were talking about the building in the middle of the campus. It is the administration building! Ha! Although, it was at one time the orphanage. 

When we got inside I gave them a tour. They were so well behaved! I then got them started on an assembly line of trip packets. They helped organize and stuff packets of information on Buckner, luggage tags, a bible study and my business card that I will be sending out at the end of this month. I forgot to tell them who I was sending them to and they asked me why we would send these packets to orphans. So cuteJ  After that the two boys stuffed about 70 t-shirts into envelopes two other coordinators and myself will send out  to our trip participants! They did a great job and that saves us so much time!

The girls sorted through tons of photos for my co worker Brynn. This was AWESOME and started so much conversation. These photos were from her recent trip to Kenya. It was so awesome that my three little neighbor kids were able to see pictures of orphan children and their living condition. I explained to them that the girls had their heads shaved because it was too hard to take care of. They were appalled. A little later Jazz said that when she grew up she wanted to go work with the orphans and wash there hair so they could have long hair. MELT MY HEART. Little does she know if she isn’t careful, I will get her to AfricaJ I also loved hearing conversations about their observations in the photos. They wondered why their shoes were so worn out. They also talked about how much trash there was. The conversations they had were not deep and many of the stories I am telling you were five second statements, but I saw little lights turn on in their heads as they experienced Africa from the pictures on my desk. AH! My heart loves seeing these things!

After they finished their jobs it was lunch time! Three of my co-workers (who are amazing I might add) came with me! The kids chose Cici’s! They did damage there and ate every bit of their $5.95 buffet!

I decided it was time for me to get more work done than I was able to and took them home afterwards. I made little thank you’s for them that had these pictures from the day on them. I haven’t given it to them yet but I am excited!

I heart my life.


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  1. Theresa Marble

    So enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Literally wiped away tears as I read about ya’lls day. As you know kids are near and dear to my heart. I believe God is using you in a mighty way in their lives and quite possibly vice versa. Love you.

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