A full house and a happy heart

Three weeks ago I moved into an area of Dallas called “South Dallas.” It is one of the most visibly broken places in Dallas. I feel more commissioned by the Lord here than I have felt any other place of ministry in my life. More on that and my new way of life here in upcoming posts, I am sure.

Tonight I was driving home and I passed a prominent church in the area. It happens to be the church my home church partners with. As I passed by I looked across the crowd of people and all of these little kids start rushing towards the road waving…it was my neighbor kids! I stopped and got out to see them full of hugs, questions and stories. It’s so amazing to experience that every day. It’s like they can hear you walking up the stairs at the apartment because they immediately greet us and we have visitors for the rest of the night. I pray that I never get tired of it.

When I lived overseas the Lord revealed to me that he has called me to a ministry of hospitality and discipleship. He has been faithful to bring that into fruition early on in the calling! But here, I am seeing it play out in ways I had pictured and have yet experienced since the calling.

Tonight my fridge door has been open more than closed, same with my front door. My ears heard my little eight year old neighbor Willy randomly yell out “I love you.” Feet of a woman full of destruction one should never see in a lifetime have crossed our threshold and her eyes have lit up.

As my roommates and I prayed for our time in S. Dallas we prayed for our for salvation and healing to take place in and through our home. Salvation comes through Christ Alone through various means and I pray that open doors, an empty fridge, good food and warm hugs will all be a part of the Holy Spirit’s work of salvation. Please pray with me.

As I type this my heart is happy and my house is full! I am snuggled on my couch next to ten year old Jazz with the rest of her brothers and sisters watching a movie!

My roommate and I are really interested in hosting people for dinner that may be interested in investing time in S. Dallas. If you would like to come over for dinner please shoot me an email or leave a comment and we will schedule a time. We would also really appreciate your prayers.



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  1. jen

    count the jacketts in for dinner one night! we are also hosting people on wednesday nights, so we’ll have to swap sometime 😉

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