Donations Being Accepted!

Not for me, although….I do accept cash:)  Some of the trips I organize are called “Shoe Trips.”  Buckner delivers humanitarian aid around the world; some of that being shoes. Our trip participants have the privilege of giving shoes to the orphan children. I have yet to experience one of these trips, maybe soon!

Here is an article about one of our shoe drives. If you are interested let me know!


Also, while I am thinkign about it. A girl I go to church with made known a need if you are interested in that.  Here is the info below:

There is a girl that I mentor from West Dallas and I have been morntoring her for the past vie years. She was 11 when she got pregnant and 12  when she had her little boy. She has made some incrdicble strides with finishing high school and starting college. But recently she has down spirled. She is currently pregnant again and just lost everythign in a fire. she was cooking and the smell got her sick so while she was sick in the bathroom the who house caught on fire. She, her little boy and her grandmother are okay but they lost everything.

Here are the simple needs: Mattresses, Pillows, sheets, Kitchen stuff, Toiletries, Couch, Dinner Table, Clother (small shirts, pants/shorts size 0-3, shoes size 8, youth medium shirts, panst/shorts youth size 7 and shoes kids size 2) socks and kids underwear size small).

AND…one last thing. My roommate and I are getting ready to host a baby shower for a teenage mom. If you are interested in beign involved in any way let me know!

You can leave a comment or email me at



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  1. Theresa Marble

    I would like to be involved with the shower for the teen mom. I am guessing that due to distance $ would be the easiest way to help…unless you know of something specific.

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