Trip Participants

As you know, I coordinate mission trips for Buckner. I love getting to be hands on with the direct mission at hand for my department. Part of that is getting to interact with the trip participants. Some can be absolutely amazing…and some, well, can be difficult:) This morning I woke up to the sweetest unsolicited email from one of my trip participants! Here it is for your viewing pleasure:)

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your precious child, Ashley.  Thank you for the blessing she has already been to me and the blessing she is to all those who cross her path.  Give her all the energy and patience she needs to complete all the details for the trips she is working on.  Allow her to see the blessing that her work is for so many orphans, moms and children she serves. 
May her nights be restful.  Give her peace when tasks pile up.  Give her wisdom to know that everything that needs to be done, will be done and that You are in control.  Make time so that Ashley can be refreshed by friends and family during this busy period. 
In Jesus’ name,
Ashley, I will be on a women’s retreat that will mean I cannot be reached until Monday morning.  Have a beautiful weekend. 


I mean seriously, what a blessing to wake up and that be the first thing I read (I know…awful…I check my email when I wake up).  Praise God. Another exciting thing is that God has me in a really sweet season of seeking him alone and several things in her prayer are some things God has had on my heart and growing in me. I love the Lord and his work.

Also, please pray for this trip participant. She has cancer. I was able to pray with her one day and I totally felt the Holy Spirit was the one praying and just using my body.  He prayed for absolute healing in her body and for her to trust God during this season.  Please pray for her!


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