Summer Schedule

A great benefit of my job is that I get to travel on 4 trips a year to our different international locations. We have work everywhere but the main places we send groups include The Texas Valley/Mexico Border, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Domincan Republic, Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia.  I went to Guatemala in February…my 3rd week of work actually…yikes!

I am so impressed with the work Buckner does at large. They serve a great social need and I deeply feel they are an acting agent in God’s resotration to this world through the work Jesus calls us to.  The Gospel in deed is so important.  The Gospel in word is so important too. That’s why I love the department I work in:)

Here is my schedule for the summer and fall!  Meme and Papa, Nana and Pappy…take note!

June 9-16th I will be in Guatemala

July 30-August 6th I will be in Honduras

November 5-12th I will be in the Dominican Republic.

I am hoping Africa calls my name in 2012!!


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  1. Nana

    So happy for you. You sound like you truly love your new job.

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