A few months ago I started to read the book Radical by David Platt. I LOVED what I read of it. For some reason I just couldn’t make it to the end.  The book calls for so much action. I think it overwhelmed me. I tend to be a dreamer and think big. I am also a doer and very action oriented. So when I read books that require a huge shift in the way of life I get ready for change; but so many things feel cumbersome.  So I think that is why I stopped. Although, I don’t tend to be a realist, I also think I read the book with the reality of life including the things God has called me to for this season.  I am praying that God would rid me of things that will waste away when I see Jesus’ face and I hope this continues to make the things that I feel are cumbersome, not so cumbersome.

All that to say; A friend of mine that works as a mentor coordinator in South Dallas sent out an email with some quotes from Platt’s book.  I wanted to put them in a blog to share!  These are my heart and I hope Jesus is molding them into action more and more daily. God has called me to a discipleship and hospitality ministry. I am unsure of what it looks like long term; but can see it playing out even in the last 3-4 years since he spoke that to me. These quotes she sent depict my heart well.
“When God chose to bring salvation to you and me, he did not send gold or silver, cash or check. He sent himself-the Son. If we are going to accomplish the global purpose of God, it will not be primarily through giving our money, as important as that is. It will happen primarily through giving ourselves. This is what the gospel represents, and it’s what the gospel requires. In light of Jesus’ example, our primary impact on the nations will occur in the disciple making we do right around us. Remember that Jesus didn’t travel to every place in the world while he was on earth, and he didn’t go to the multitudes. He poured his life into a few men for the sake of the multitudes in places he would never go. Therefore, our homes, communities, and cities are the primary places and contain the primary people with whom we will impact nations for the glory of Christ.” (p198)
Jesus places a fundamental priority on disciple making relationships, and such relationships cannot play a merely supplemental part in our Christian lives.”(p206)

“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”
-John 4:35


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  1. Nana

    I had stopped looking at your blog, BECAUSE you quit posting. Glad you are back. This is the way I can keep up with you.

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