A Few Thoughts…

I had a list of blogs that I wanted to write.  I, unfortunately, am not a pack rat (usually fortunately). I tend to throw things away and get rid of things quite often….including the list of blogs I wanted to one day write.  I am sorry blog-o-sphere…you just missed out on several important things because I can’t now remember what they are:)

I do have a point for this blog….but it might take me a while to get there:) 

I debated on shutting down my blog.  One, I can name only four people who probably read it regularly (Michelle, Katie, Laura, Meme & Papa….hi guys…am I right???!!!!) But two, because I think it is really easy to read people’s blogs (and facebook status’) and see pictures and stories of the most wonderful adventurous life and leave feeling discouraged or expecting more out of your life. I don’t think it is wrong to put the wonderful things…that’s what I do; I love to tell about the Lord stirring my heart for the things He places in my path daily…I mean, my blog is named “Today…because something worth mentioning happens every day” or something like that!

I also know that I don’t take time to write when life is just bad. The days I hate going to work, the days I hate (past tense…note…past tense) my job, when I am gaining 30 pounds, hurting in my soul because of my singleness, feeling lonely, not desiring God nor partaking in things that bring Glory to His name. I more than likely don’t do this intentionally…rather, I can’t even process these things as they are happening let alone tell the world about it.  But it is a shame because now when I feel better I will start blogging again to tell of these amazing wonderful things.

And like I said, this blog will come full circle, because on the list of blogs I waned to write out I included many of my dark days.  I think I will go back in my journal to see what they were.  My hope in doing this is a couple of things.  One I hope that in my transparency people (my lovely four readers) would be able to identify with seasons in their life, two, people can leave my blog feeling encouraged and less room for envy/competition/jealousy.  I also want people to be able to see the work of God that was at hand. How he has turned my tears to joy and my sadness to joy! Plus, it will be cool to have this blog turned into a book someday….not like a “book” but a fun little journal book or something that I turn all these words into paper for keepsake and rememberance…ya know…like a journal.

Soooo…I go in spurts with my blog. We will see how well I do.



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7 responses to “A Few Thoughts…

  1. Katie

    AMEN! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Michelle

    my name is first. and i feel good about that. no shame.

    love you dear – can’t wait to hear more from you. expecting good things for you.

  3. MeMe & papa

    right on sweet thing!!!!! Love you & pray for you real regular. May God continue to bless.

  4. Anne

    Hey! I read you too. That’s at least five readers. ;-0

  5. jen

    i’m reading! keep writing!

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