So long facebook!

Yes….maybe it’s a little pathetic to announce I am leaving facebook for a while. Yes…maybe a little narcissistic to think people want to know all the details of my life.

So…here is the place to keep up with me:)

If I have time I will make updates here.

The Lord is walking me into a season that I feel like I want to really focus on preparing to meet my bridegroom (Jesus….in case any of you may be confused about my desire for earthly marriage…ha)…I am kind of looking at it like the ancient process that brides went through as they waited with oil in their lamps (like the parable) for their fiancé to start the bridal procession. Or, the process that Ester would have gone through in her time of preparation for the king.

I am trying to use this time simplistically with few distractions, time suckers, things that kill my joy or feed me of things or attitudes that I won’t see when I seethe face of Jesus.

I am excited to walk in this new season and in the fullness of intimacy with my SAVIOR.

By grace through faith!



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2 responses to “So long facebook!

  1. Katie Schleider

    Does this mean you will blog more?? You are amazing!! Love you, friend.

  2. We will see! I doubt it:)

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