Letters to Papa!

Isn’t he handsome!

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year!  I feel like I really celebrated and enjoyed this past Christmas season to the fullest!  One of the favorite men in my life is my grandpa!  He is an amazing man of God and blesses his family so much!  I wanted to do something different for his Christmas gift this year.  I am sure as a grandpa you can only receive so many blankets, chocolate covered cherries, mixed nuts, shirts…you get the point!  So I created him a photo book!  I think he loved it:)  He may or may not have choked up thanking me:) My favorite part was including letters from each of his daughters and grandkids!  Below are the letters (and some pictures from back in the day).  Enjoy reading (and laughing at the pics!)  I hope you can see how treasured this man is in our lives by reading these letters!

The picture below was the day I was born!


I am so thankful that God came into your life to lead you as a man of God.  Out of his overflow in your life you have set a firm foundation for our family.  I have prayed for our family since high school and I know God has given us favor through you.  I look forward to following your lead for years to come. I hope to find a man of such stature as you and I hope we grow into a family like the one that you have set forth for us.

I pray that in this upcoming season of life you find much joy through our family.  I hope there are more sweet memories made and better yet more crazy stories for you to tell.

Here are some of my Papa Highlights:

1. Morning Devotionals. 2. Fresh Peaches on Blue Bell Ice Creme. 3. Morning Animal Noises. 4. Reading the Christmas Story every year. 4. Your consistent involvement in my life no matter the miles between us. 5. Getting to call and talk to you on the phone. 6. You singing How much is that doggy in the window in Spanish. 7. Going to work with you at Radio Shack.

The list could go on!  I love you so much!



Hey Papa!

Ashley asked a few of us to write a letter to you letter you know how much you mean to us. Well here goes nothing:

You are a honorable man. I admire you and hope to become half the man that you are some day. Your faith, integrity, love, attitude and charismatic personality are truly sought after in my life. There have been many times when people have mentioned how much I look and act (mostly when I act goofy…haha!) like you, and without a doubt those words are some of the most cherished compliments I’ve ever received. Thanks for being a great grandpa, mentor, example and friend. I love you. Merry Christmas.



I wanted to take a second this Christmas to say thank you! I am so privileged to be a part of your family. Thanks for welcoming me in and treating me as your own. The way that you have raised your family is something that Allston and I can only hope to imitate someday. Thanks for being a Godly example to your grandkids! Much love, Danica

hey pops!:
you have always been the perfect grandpa and jokester! from playing with cedro in the basement, sneaky snake, and wrestling with goats, we have had a lot of fun times together!… and I hope there will be many more to come! I love u papa!

from your little Katrina


well papa,

they asked me to write a letter to you so i got to thinking about what makes you who you are. thoughts of christmas traditions pop into mind; theres nothing better than a kittrell christmas. the next thing that pops into my head is the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve never hesitated to say i love the boys and my grandpa was the reason why. But in order to understand what makes Jerry Kittrell special you only have to look as far as his family. Every joke or silly thing you do is emulated by 7 grandchildren, and I don’t know about you but that seems pretty special to me. So Merry Christmas to the man I hope to someday be. Merry Christmas papa. Logan


I have many good memories of papa being what he is… a great grandfather. He has always been there whether its rooting for me in sports or helping me get an A on a paper. He is a very loving man, and I am proud to be his grandson. Luke



In this day and age there are a lot of sad families. I cherish the childhood and adulthood I have through you.   I want to thank you and mom for keeping it together all of our lives and blessing us with such stability.  I hope to faithfully and successfully follow in your footsteps.  You have taught me much by your example.

Some of your examples were not so good or perhaps popular……..

I do not like to crow like a rooster, however I know how!

I am not a favorite mom when I present the “list” as I go out the door, however I know how!

Being of Kittrell decent, I may not be as funny as I think, but I think I know how!  (ha ha)

You always have the answers, be it financial, spiritual or social……..I know who I should call.

Lastly, I just gotta ask…..

What’s that red thang one your Eye Wid?  Love Melissa


Just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge influence in my life and I really appreciate all the love and support you have shown to me and my family.  I have said many times what a blessing I have had growing up in a good, sound christian home.  After growing “older” and seeing what other people have lived with or more importantly, what they lived “without”, it makes me just feel like all of heavens blessings were poured on our home.
It has been a lot of fun as an adult to be apart of the deacon family with you and mom.  It was a great honor when Coy was chosen as a deacon and to know that he would be doing the same Godly work that you have been doing for so long.  Thanks for being a great role model for the both of us.
Thank you for loving our kids like NO OTHER Papa could.  They adore you and cherish every minute spent with you.  2010 was the year to make the Kittrell Family all stop and think about what Jerry Kittrell means in our lives and each and everyone of us found out……YOU MEAN THE WORLD!!
When I stop and think about memories from childhood, my mind is over ran with them.  As you know, when we are all together there is never a dull moment because someone wants to share a memory.
Thanks for being there for us,
Coy and Gayla
11 reasons why i love my papa: 

11. he named my hair the “crowhopper”
10. Being close to him all of my life and getting to see him all the time.
9. Growing up around grandparents who are hilarious where there is never a dull moment.
8. Getting to listen to all of his crazy stories…(i still believe some of them to be true)
7. Blood on the Saddle
6. Eating ice cream with fresh peaches and bananas (and sometimes “CHOCOLATE” in the papa voice.)
5. Riding horses and checking the goats
4. Getting birthday calls at 7:13 every year on my birthday to make sure he was the first one to tell me happy birthday on my real birthday.
3. Listening to him tell the Christmas story every year.
2. Growing up on the firm Christian foundation that he has made for his family. ( The best family in the history of families.)
1. Knowing that he will ALWAYS be MY papa!

I am so thankful to have you Papa. You mean the world to me and will always be my favorite person. I love you to the moon and back! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

Love, Kelby


Dear Papa:
It has been awesome having you as a Papa. I’ve enjoyed raising goats with you, going with you EVERY saturday to the Cafe to “chew the fat” thats what Meme says I dont know what it means haha. And im very thankful you came to all my football games. Well you didnt have anyone elses to go to cause luke’s a sissy. I just wanted to make sure you know how much i appreciate you! 



Top Ten Reasons for staying @ Papa’s for Christmas 

10.   Reasonable Rates – Just like Tom Bodet..always leaves the light on.

9.    Breakfast Burritos and goat sales on Saturday mornings.

8.   He quickly forgives son in laws for throwing him in the snow.

7.   Endless supply of mixed nuts beside his chair for munching.

6.  Beautiful rendition of How Much is that Doggy in the window in Spanish.

5.  Open door policy for the granddogs….well sort of.

4. Free Donald Duck and rooster crow wake up calls.

3. He reads the Christmas story every year.

2. Morning devotions and prayer time.

1. The # 1 reason for staying at Papa’s @ Christmas is because we love him and he is       the best Dad – Father in law – Papa  ever.
WE  LOVE YOU !!!!! Theresa

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  1. Michelle

    Oh my. I am sitting on the city bus and attempting not to CRY with this one. What a gift. I love Papa just from these descriptions alone!!!!

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