Painting with a Twist!

This must be the weekend of the Dallas Skyline for me:) I don’t hate it!

Last night I went to Painting with a Twist right around the corner from my house!

I signed up for this evening because I knew the class was painting the skyline.


Here was the studio:) They actually drew the outline for us on the canvas.  The last class I went to in Houston they didn’t draw anything for us.  I honestly liked the Houston class a lot more than this class; but it was still fun.



This was what we were suppose to paint…I was so disapointed!



This was the painting I thought we were doing!  It was on the wall so I took a picture of it:)




AND, so I decided I would change the course of my painting:)

My family would say this is kind of how I walk through life:)


And so I brought in color…lots of it!




And here is the final product!

Yes, I made a mess!!!

PS- I went by myself and made friends with the girls across the table from me…they shared their wine with me!



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2 responses to “Painting with a Twist!

  1. Theresa

    How I laughed when I saw that you DID NOT follow directions. You have have always been one to think outside the box. AND it didnt surprise me that you made friends. lol

  2. Next time you go, I am so there! love the painting!!!

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