Bachman Lake

I planned to go on a long run this morning (the word long is subjective..ha!)  I have lived in the Northwest area of Dallas for almost 15 months now.  I always drive past Bachman Lake and have wanted to run there for some time now…so I thought this morning was fitting. Of course, my favorite part was seeing the Dallas Skyline in the distance!


It was a chilly 46 degrees and the breeze coming off the water didn’t feel amazing but I loved the atmosphere. It is 3 miles around the entire lake. I didn’t run the entire way…I am having feet problems..:( I like the atmosphere for a couple of reasons. One being I was one of two white people.  I like the diversity; opens my eyes to the world around me and reminds me of how big God is. There were also rowing teams practicing!  Also, the Love Field airport landing strip backs up to the running path!


Here I am post run:( I am icing my feet…something is not ok.




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  1. Theresa Marble

    OK…you know “feet” issues are near and dear to my heart! I think you better get some inserts or you are going to end up in a walking boot. JUST SAYIN

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