Family Weekend

I love my family and I love spending time with them.  We have a blast together.  I really do wish we all lived on the same street…we would make one big back yard..I am sure of it!  The last weekend of October my parents came to meet up with us in Canton where my grandparents live!


The fam, minus Danica.


Corny Dogs and Roasted Corn (with a side of greasy hair after running that morning).


I know everyone says this…but seriously…I couldn’t think of a more perfect addition to our family…there are big shoes to fill for the next person who enters.

We had this crazy idea to make pillow case dresses for little Ethiopian Orphans.  It was a good idea…but way more work than we anticipated.

13 dresses….


….and several hours later here is the final product!

you can’t come to Dallas and not go to the Cowboys game!  BUT…this is a sad season to be a Cowboy fan:(


Fun Family Weekend!  Counting down the weeks to Thanksgiving!



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2 responses to “Family Weekend

  1. Those dresses are SO CUTE! Seriously. Adorable!

  2. Theresa Marble

    Fun times….looking forward to T-Giving…..

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