Pumpkin Patch!

A couple of weekends ago I went to a pumpkin patch to enjoy all things fall!  It was absolutely wonderful and everything I had hoped for:) (read that in the most dramatic, emotion felt voice!)  Happy Fall!!!

Is this not a fabulous picture!!!


This was the first time in my entire life to do a corn maze!

Yes, I grew up in Nebraska the land of corn and no I have never done a corn maze!





Lots of things make me happy….including pumpkins with stems:)


Ummm…. this was our hotttttt 40 year old tour guide on the hay rack ride!


Let the Holiday Season Begin!!!





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2 responses to “Pumpkin Patch!

  1. Theresa Marble

    Of course you did a corn maze in Nebraska….it is just called detassling. ha ha So glad I can be notified now of your posts!

  2. Joy

    This looks like tons of fun! Maybe it’s the way it’s lit, but it makes we want to go to a pumpkin patch at night!

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