Houston Weekend

I heart Houston & my family there!  I wouldn’t hate living there some day!  My sister in law is amazing and planned a wonderful evening at a painting class for us! She cooks great food for us too!  Here is the weekend in pictures!


Here is Tom the family Gnomb.  Oops…he broke…but I fixed him:)

We also went shopping.  Who would buy a bed with a console…it actually freaks me out a little bit.



See the great food she cooked!



I heart my sister in law!  Here is the fun night she planned for us!

Yes, I painted that from a blank canvas:)


Other highlights of the weekend! Soooo this isn’t a great picture, but I wanted to include it!  This is my college roommate Katy and sweet little Quinn!


I brought back a souvenir knife from Ethiopia for Allston …he put it to use right away…awkward?


And a great highlight was hanging out with another one of my college roommates!  She told me she was preggo!!!  So exciting!

And what is a weekend without Bailey and Sawyer!  They love me….their love language is touch:)

All in all a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!!



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2 responses to “Houston Weekend

  1. Super fun Weekend! I would love to go to a painting class like that with you sometime!

  2. i love that pic of us…it’s so cute! i miss you…coming to dallas (actually fort worth) on march 12…will you be there?

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