Ethiopia Summary // Day 8

Thursday, July 28th //  Last full day of camp with a slaying of the goats!

This was our last full day of camp.  Now that it is all said and done with I wish that we could have had many, many more days with those boys and the camp staff…and our team! I know then I wasn’t feeling well and was tired…and was ready for a break.  As our team was talking that morning we were just hashing over different funny things!  We were talking about how we were by far over the injera! We realized we had hardly ate anything all week + we were super active yet our stomachs were not growling. The girls at least.  The guys…that may be a different story:)  We were listing off all the foods we were craving…guacamole and a dos eques were my choices! (Ha…I just looked back at my day 6 summary and I said the same thing and used the same pic…oops!  But you at least get the point!)

At this point some over arching things that I had been thinking and meditating on included:

1. OUR God is MIGHTY to save and He DESIRES for ALL people to be saved.  Gosh…I just couldn’t get over that all week.  At one point when we were leading worship we were singing “Mighty to Save” (I think by Hillsong) and I just glanced through all the boys eyes.  I was really moved by their need for Jesus as well as God’s love for each one of them.

2. I kept wondering the difference of sin in America and Africa.  I know this might be random.  Let me explain a little bit.  I have a huge interest in poverty.  The context in which I have studied or learned involves generational poverty; like in S. Dallas. In some sense it seems as if they have a choice and the freedom through Christ to break generational sin choices.  We talk of relationship building in order to bridge the gap between “failure” and “success.”  But I am not sure you can say the same thing about poverty in a 3rd world country.  I didn’t really go past that because I don’t know where my thoughts should go.  Can someone go and get their masters or doctorate and write their thesis on the difference???  In general, I wonder if there is a major difference in sin between Americans and other countries.  I think the foundation is the same though..everything is a matter of the heart.  I don’t know….I will stop….it will just get confusing to type my confusing thoughts:)

3. I was so impressed with SIM as an organization.  They seem to really be intentional with speaking the gospel.  During the day today each leader took every one of their kids aside to share the gospel with them and build upon what was being shared all week long.

This morning after breakfast we killed two goats.  By we, I mean Chris and Elias.  Don’t worry, it was for dinner that evening:)

This is Moses sporting the “goatee” from the goat!

We had another morning full of soccer where my team won the championship!  It was great spending time with the boys that were not playing!  This was also the time where the leaders spent sharing the gospel and praying with the boys.

We always had these friendly guys along the path back!

After lunch we had another tea time with the habishaw!  I absolutely love their hospitality! By this time I was starting to feel so much better…thank goodness!  At the tea time the Habishaw leaders shared about the one on one time of sharing the gospel with the kids.  They said that many professed that they wanted to follow Jesus instead of their Muslim and Orthodox heritage.  My prayer from that point on has been that the seed would have fallen on good soil and have opportunities for cultivation.  They said that about 22 out of 50 boys said this; and apparently it has been that way every week at camp.  I have several thoughts about what went on during this time.  The bottom line is that God was moving and that his word was spoken and it is up to God to save the souls of these boys and I hope he does!  What an amazing opportunity to get to witness His work!

The afternoon was filled with more games like tug of war and water balloon volleyball!

Later that evening we had a foot washing ceremony.  All of our guy teammates washed the feet of the level four Ethiopian leaders.  It was awesome to see how moving it was for the level four leaders. After that we sang and danced around the room!  I wish we praised the Lord like this in America:)

After dinner (the goat dinner…well they also had other food if we didn’t want to eat it…and I didn’t) we headed out to the bonfire.  Definitely was looking forward to this all week long!  Yes, heaven will be like this!


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