Ethiopia Summary // Day 7

Wednesday, July 27th // Wacky Wednesday down by the River!

I definitely woke up feeling really awful today.  I woke up all during the night.  I even heard that one of the girls (wearing ear plugs) thought she heard the baboons growling outside.  Yep…that was my snoring and breathing from being sick:(

On a more positive note: Today was Wacky Wednesday!  All the leaders dressed up “wacky!”  We had a contest to see who was the wackiest!

The theme of the day was Trust…they did trust falls!  You guys may think that it isn’t very original…but these kids have never experienced things like this before!  They had never done relays either!  It was fun to give them experiences to understand more of God’s character.

We played more soccer that morning and then we went swimming!  It was swimming like I had never experienced before:)

Most of them had never swam before.  They were so cute!  And yes…the just dropped their shorts and had at it!  Their little Ethiopian bodies couldn’t handle the cold water!  All week the camp staff and SIM staff really encouraged us as Americans to take every opportunity we could to just spend time with them.  They said it is unbelievable for them to experience that type of love.  I was thankful to get to adorn the teaching in that way!  So needless to say…I headed into the water fully clothed!  Side note…we saw no hippos:)

After lunch our team headed over to the Smith’s house for some american goodies:)  They made us donuts, chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars.  And of course we had chi tea and coffee…both Ethiopian originals that were amazing!  It was really nice to spend time with the Smith’s.  They are an amazing family that loves the Lord.  I am not sure if this was the right day…but one of the afternoons we (the Firings) had “tea time” with the Habishaw (Ethiopians).  We would spend time telling of what the Lord was doing in the hearts of the kids as well as spend time praying for them.  We spent so much of the week praying.  It was amazing to see the camp leaders really seek and rely on God in that way.  At the end of our time we would do something to entertain one another and just have fun.  Here is what we chose to do!

(you can watch the original here)

After lunch they did some crafts and then we played some volleyball!  For dinner we had fried fish…and by fried fish…I literally mean, the whole.dang.thing.  I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it.  But I did it:)

This evening was really great!.  We had a really good debrief and many of us shared a lot of things we saw the Lord doing as well as what he was teaching us.  We talked about how cool it was to see God move through spoken word.  We are so accustomed to studying, learning, knowing the greek or the historical context of the passages we read out of the bible.  But these boys were being transformed by the words of God touching their ears!  It made me think of Paul and Jesus walking and preaching from town to town and thousands would come to the knowledge of truth!  May it be said of this week!  We ended the night in corporate prayer together for the boys.  We prayed so much for the salvation of these kids knowing that it was only God that could open their ears and eyes.  Again, I don’t remember if it was this night or another night but our team had a time of worship together which was really nice!

The stars were also out this night..and of course…amazing!


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