Grocery Shopping Results…

Well…I was super eager to have an orange at work the next morning to see if the fruit of my labor was worth it:) (no pun intended..seriously)

I was pleasantly surprised!  It was VERY good!  It tasted REALLY fresh and it was EXTRA juicy!  Since they are so cheep it would be worth buying extra to juice and make my own orange juice!
AWE.SOME.  I am adding a juicer to my Christmas list:)

I will admit…the first couple bites I was thinking about the roach I saw.
AND….here are some meals that I have been cooking…some with the purchases…some not!
A quarter of the way of the roast cooking I realized there was still paper wrapped around the meet…oops!
Don’t worry, I took it off and added the veggies I bought!
And there it is complete…not sure how it tastes at the moment…I am letting it cool.  I am a little worried though.  I have never cooked roast with lime, cilantro and jalapeno…but it came all in a package…so who knows!  The aroma was a little funky.
I made this a couple of times!  A Taco Salad!
(sorry,  couldn’t get the next couple of pics to turn around)
AMAZING guac and salsa…all home made!  Holla!
Fun little burger:)
And last, but not least…wonderful  french toast!  no ingredients from La Ranchera other than the apple on the side!


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