Grocery Adventures:)

We had a couple of RAINY days in Dallas.  One morning the electricity went out.  So wonderful to be able to get things done…like lunch with a friend and grocery shopping.  Both very much needed!  Well, I try to be the queen of efficiency…in many ways.  One of those is with my time.  One of those is  budgeting my money.  WELL…I was in luck.  I had a few minutes to spare on my way to Jen’s and there was a grocery store right across from the bank where I just withdrew this weeks grocery money allowance:)

Yep…read it and weep!  It is a Mexican Grocery Store!

Thought #1:  I hear they have great produce…especially fruit!  SCORE!

Thought #2:  This is so convenient…it saves me time from running to the other grocery store 5 minutes north in the rain, plus, Jen isn’t home from work yet!  AWESOME.

Thought #3:  This has to be cheaper…even than Walmart! I AM SO LUCKY

Though #4:  I love cultural experiences.  BONUS

Thought #5:  Wow, everything is cheap!  I knew this was a good idea! (everything was like 5 for a dollar…limes were actually 50 for a dollar..what the!!!  They had amazing peppers, spices…tons of stuff authentica!  Ok so the Jell-O isn’t authentic…but I need some healthy sweets for the week, ok!)

Thought #6:  This IS a great cultural experience!  I am the only white person in this place!!!  Maybe I will come here regularly.  Maybe I will take a spanish class.  Maybe I will move into the nearby neighborhood. Heck, maybe I will even use “Lo Siento” or “Hola” as I walk by people in the store…RIGHT NOW.

Thought #7: HOLY CRAP….that’s a ROACH.  Yep.  A stupid roach immediatly made my stomach church and my mind wander.  No fear though.  I pushed through with a sour look on my face to grab a few more needed items.  BUT, everything bad at that point started to stick out in my mind.  It wasn’t bad…but a roach would make Neimen’s a turn off!  I think….or would it?
When I got home I washed EVERYTHING! I even took the carrots out of their packaging and washed them.

I laid Everything out to dry!  I love color:)

Would I go back?  Maybe!  I got everything for $20…I know it probably only saved a little from going to the other grocery stores.  I will have to see if the taste is better:)  All in all, it brought a lot of joy to my day!  Leaving the store I couldn’t help but think that mission agencies need to grab college grads. I think I would have done anything right out of college.  Now after four years of graduating…I think I would choose to go back to Switzerland before African huts or Mexico dirt roads.

Adios my friends, adios!


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  1. Theresa Marble

    Oh now that is my kind of shopping…minus the roach. Looked like some good fresh healthy food!

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