It’s such a small world!

Yes, I thought about being cheesy and making the title of this post “It’s A Small World After All.”

But I didn’t…But I wanted to….so I just chose to mention it first thing!

So many people I love are dispersed all over the world!  It’s an amazing thing…but sad sometimes too.  I think missionaries from years ago (even for me- just four years ago I was about to move to Switzerland) would be amazed at the ease of staying in touch with friends and families with an added bonus of little to no cost.  I have been thinking about it a lot because I have been talking to one of my roommates from Elsby, Susan, she recently moved to Guatemala!  She told me to download the WhatsApp app on my iphone.  It has been awesome!  We can text all the time, even send videos, voice recordings and pics!  All with no lapse in time and no cost!!  How great is that!

Here are some of the things we have sent one another!

Actually this first picture was a night some of us got together to pray over Su before she left!

Susan sent me this picture while she was on a work retreat!  How awesome to have pictures of the world at my fingertips!

The picture I sent her:(  This was my view from my desk as she was chillaxing in Gaut!

Here we are texting back and forth!

And then this same day I was at the grocery store and I get a message on Skype from my friend Ester.  We worked together in Switzerland.  She actually visited in the states and stayed with me around this time last year!  She is from Italy and returned to start Youth For Christ Italy!  The Lord has so much favor over that ministry.  Please pray for them!


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