Ethiopia Summary // Day 6

Tuesday, July 26th  //  Cows, Goats, and Injera!

What a wonderful culture to be a part of .  Everyone seemed so expectant and trusting from the smallest of things to the biggest of things.  I even felt it in my spirit as I was praying and processing.

This morning I gave a devotional for all the camp leaders.  It was a little harder than I expected.  Ephriam translated for me…so when I paused I ended up losing track of the flow of things.  Hopefully it still was useful:)  I read out of 1 Timothy (where the Lord had me throughout the whole week) and a little out of 1 Corinthians.

(Here is the room we met in)

Later that morning I was able to sit and talk with Ephriam and hear some amazing stories about how God is moving in the Muslim community among leaders.   One guy was praying in his mosque and saw a vision of Jesus.  When he saw the vision he asked what he was supposed to do and he was told to go to the Christian church and tell them what he saw.  So he did…and he came to the knowledge of truth!  Story after story like that.  I love learning about God’s movement in different areas of the world!  The kids that were at camp with us this week come from that area of Ethiopia.  But as you know, where God is moving, so is the devil.  We saw some of that spiritual warfare at camp, some of the kids would cover their ears during the talks.  One of the kids even woke up in the mornings to do his prayer towards the east.  Apparently he wasn’t facing the east and everyone was making fun of him.

Like I said before, we were all split into “World Cup” Teams.  Here is a video of all of the teams doing their team cheer!

Today we had a morning full of soccer games,well, actually, I can’t remember.  It might have been a morning full of drills…not sure!  Either way, it was a really fun day! Here is the community field we played on!  A lake and mountains in the background!

We started off with some stretches!

The greatest thing was as we were out on the community soccer field random cows,

goats and shepherd boys would walk through the games!

Yes, those are the shepherd boys with their spears!

O yes, and donkeys!

Yes…this is our goalie…sitting…with the cows…during the game.  It’s a wonder we won!

I felt like I really started to connect with my team this day.  It’s crazy how not necessary language is in regards to connecting.  As we arrived back to camp we found our sweet little…or big friends, the baboons.

The afternoon was a lot of free time for the kids as we spent time interacting with them.  They were absolutely full of life!

We also did crafts with them every day!

During the entire week I was SO very impressed with the SIM Sports Friends Program.  They were so intentional with sharing the gospel.  These kids definitely heard the gospel this week.  Each day there was a skit.  Tonight’s skit was the parable about the lost sheep.  Yes, we played the sheep:)  But seriously…so impressed with SIM as a whole.  Each night the leaders would talk with their group in the cabins to process what they heard throughout the day.  Each day a biblical principal was taught as well.  Today was unity.  Each night we would all meet in the middle of the cabins and pray as leaders.  I love being in prayers with different languages!  Each Ethiopian leader would come with requests from their conversations with the boys.  After our prayers we would go say good night to our boys in their language.  They loved it! The only crummy thing about this day was that I started to get a little sick with a cold:(

P.S.  By this point we were starting to get a little tired of the injera! And by we I mean most of us…there were a couple of team members that kept going back for more…crazy right!?!?


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