Ethiopia Summary // Day 4

Sunday, July 24th // Baboons…Hut life….Church & more!

Sometime shortly after I fell asleep on Saturday night I had to go to the bathroom.  Let me remind you of our bathroom situation.  Our first option was to walk a little ways in pitch black to the squatty potty or western toilet.  Another option was to hold it for the next six hours.  Our last option was to walk outside of our cabin and pop a squat.  ALSO…let me remind you that we are in Africa with baboons. Upon arriving we continued to hear stories of these 250 pound animals that killed a child last year.  So the thought of getting up in the middle of Africa in the middle of the dark, dark night did not sound like a good option!  Apparently everyone had to go to the bathroom but no one wanted to wake anyone else up!  Come to find out most of us were awake at the same time…finally someone spoke up and we all decided to get our head lamps and face the baboons:)  We were safe!  Although, I could have sworn the moment I woke up I heard a baboon walking on our roof.

(right outside of our cabin one afternoon)

(the best $12 I ever spent!)

FYI…it RAINS in Ethiopia!  It was actually really nice though.  The weather was awesome…in the 60s probably!  Much better than the Dallas record-setting summer.  So many of the evenings we fell asleep to the sound of rain outside our windows and falling on our tin roof!  That did cause for more interesting pop a squat experiences though.

At this point they were still easing us into the traditional food.  They were feeding us corn flakes for breakfast or spaghetti for dinner.  Something God really laid on my heart leading up to the trip as well as during was the power of his Spirit as well as the necessity of his Spirit.  Jeana shared Psalm 105 with us one morning.

Seek the Lord and his strength;
seek his presence continually!

Remember the wondrous works that he has done,
his miracles, and the judgments he uttered. (vs 4-5)

This day was a really full day, and probably one of my favorites…if not the favorite.  First we went to church.

Here were our greaters!

The church service was awesome.  It was in two different languages…English not being one of them:) Below is a video of the worship as we came to church.  They started at 8:30 that morning…but we didn’t show up until 10:30!

After the service we stayed for more worship.  This song was amazing!  What they are singing over and over is “my past is washed away because of Jesus.”  Although you can’t hear it they start to sing “my Jesus is amazing” in the midst.  Definitely a favorite!

After church we went to have a traditional coffee ceremony with some friend’s of the Smith’s.  I am so thankful to have gotten to experienced this.  Most of the boys that came to our soccer camp would have come from this lifestyle.  We had about a 30-40 minute walk through the mud.

(Chased by cows on the way?  When in Africa you would think maybe Lions or bears…but nope, Langano has cows!)

(village boy along the way)

(somehow all of us fit into the hut)

(The Smith’s friend preparing us coffee!  She was amazing to do this for us!)

(Here are some hut views)

The rest of the day was really laid back as we prepared for the kids to come the next day!


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  1. I have loved looking at your trip! So much fun to watch videos and see pictures! We need to get together and talk about it…plus I need to write you a check.

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